We specialise in the organisation, promotion and production of Latin American Events in general as such as:

  • Festivals
  • Carnivals
  • Corporate Functions
  • Street Entertainment
  • Shows in general
  • Birthdays, Weddings , Anniversaries and General Parties which will require a Latin American touch
  • We also provide:
  • Educational Talks
  • Introduction to the General Culture of all countries of Latin America, such as Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Republic Dominican, Bolivia, Ecuador, etc.
  • The Latin American Rain Forest – Amazonic culture
  • Visual Education of General Culture.
  • Jungle Survival
  • Make our Place/Event/school Latin America for a day!
  • Music and Dance Workshops

  • Workshops of typical andean musical instruments and samba musical rhythms.
  • Making and painting of Peruvian "Ayacucho Retablos". Helps to develop the artistic creativity of a child or individual. Recommendable for schools.
  • We provide traditional dances workshop and shows of all the countries of Latin America with typical costumes.
  • We also provide the famous, popular and fashionable Salsa, Bachata, Zumba, Samba, Tango, Merengue, Kizomba workshops and shows which can satisfied all your needs from very small workshops to parties for hundreds of people.
  • Live Bands of Salsa, Samba, Cuban, Mexican music as well as Peruvian Panpipes Bands. All bands are available to suit your event.
  • DJ’s (Latin American Music and Latin Pop in general)
  • Photographic and Painting Exhibitions/Talks

  • Handicrafts Exhibitions.
  • Handicrafts Workshop - introduction and explanation of artefacts
  • Drawings
  • Painting
  • Creativity Development
  • Latin American Hand painted Beads making Jewellery Workshops, specially tailored for schools and general events.
  • Dance Latin Puppet Shows in colourful costumes suitable for schools, children and general events
  • Exhibitions and/or Costume Fashion Shows of the Latin American Countries.
  • Spanish language

  • Workshops for schools - elementary and songs
  • Translations
  • Private Tuition (All levels)
  • Tourism

  • We are glad to offer you free advice of how to travel to any country of Latin America.
  • Latin American Products in the UK.

  • Introductions, Talks, Workshops and Provision.

    Latin American Gastronomy

  • Food Exhibitions and Workshop preparations (suitable for schools, children and adults).


    If you want to experience the authentic spirit of the colourful, vibrant and happy LATIN AMERICA culture, get in touch with the experts!

    We will be glad to offer you Free advice for your event wherever you are!.

    We are the pioneers of promoting Latin America in the United Kingdom since 1991.
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